Home Inspection Career

What does a home inspection career look like?

This article might help you decide if it’s right for you.

Home inspection is a growing business, especially here in California where pretty much every time a home is sold there is a home inspection.


Home inspectors are basically professional consultants who go into homes with an educated understanding of residential structure and layout.  They evaluate the technical and aesthetic aspects of the home and submit a report.

Many home inspectors have different methods when it comes to the evaluation and reporting.  Some are cheap and scammy.  Others are professional and really give a good assessment.

Home inspectors will do anywhere from one to four inspections in a typical day.  If you don’t like being cooped in an office all day, this business is great for you.  You get to be out in the field, talking to clients and building professional relationships.  You get to help people make one of their biggest decisions.

A great plus of the business is it doesn’t cost much overhead to get started.  It’s a relatively easy to start small business.  The best practice would be to get some education.  We have a school based in Southern California.  It’s a month long.  We also have online classes or homeschool products.  After getting in some training through one of these avenues, get started with your home inspection career and enjoy the pleasure of having your own small business.

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